advanced wound care solutions

Who We Serve

ActivateRx Care provides advanced wound care solutions specifically designed for challenging wounds, burns, and post-surgical recoveries. These solutions offer unique benefits to clinicians across a spectrum of care settings, including a range of services addressing needs related to reimbursement and coverage, product accessibility, cost control, education, patient information, and clinical application.

Wound Care Management

Wound care encompasses the comprehensive management of a patient’s wounds, involving prevention, diagnosis, and therapy, typically conducted in settings like offices, hospitals, or long-term care facilities. Given the diverse nature of wounds and their potential impact on health, treatment becomes a complex undertaking for healthcare professionals. Therefore, specialized clinicians and products are essential to navigate the intricacies of wound care.

Empowering healthcare providers to deliver best-in-class wound care services and therapies.


ActivateRx Care serves as a marketer specializing in exclusive regenerative biomaterial products derived from the human amniotic membrane and other birth tissues. Only qualified healthcare professionals should perform the implantation of biomaterial products, including amniotic grafts. This website is not intended to replace professional medical advice.